Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball


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Setup Area: 19' H x 31' W x 31' L | Pathway of 42"

Actual Size: 16' H x 25' W x 25' L

Monitors: 1 Adult Required

Outlets: 1 - 110V Household Outlet

Age Group: Ages 5 and up


Giant Human Wrecking Ball Interactive Game

As you may envision, the term wrecking ball can give you a broad idea or picture of what's about to happen. Just imagine, 4 players standing on pedestals across from each other with a giant ball hanging from the center of the inflatable. Each player attempts to knock others off the pedestal by swinging the giant soft demolition ball at them. Players will have to balance themselves on the pedestal without falling off during play. The last player to remain on their pedestal wins!

The game can fit up to 4 players at one time, so it makes a perfect choice for larger events. Even the by standers are entertained by watching all the fun through the see-through netting all around. The safety landing mat features an inflatable mattress. Our wrecking ball inflatable rental is safe for ages 8 and up or minimum of 48 inches tall. A maximum of 250lbs per person or 1000 pounds total. A perfect addition to large events!
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4 person wrecking ball interactive game
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